Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review : Alex Body "Just Say Yes"

Alex has been serving us his own brand of dark synth pop around Iowa City for a couple years now. Recently taking Body across the country to the east coast infecting jaded ears with his burnt Casio soundscapes,cassette drum loops and honest lyrics. Don't pass Body off as a noise act, there are great songs and melodies inside these blasted triangle waves and eaten up tape fragments. Expect a new release from Body on Night People Records this fall. In the meantime download my favorite song from "Just Say Yes" Distorted Hallway.

Body on Myspace
Night People

Alex Body - Distorted Hallway by Deep Cuts Records

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Centaur Noir "Be Free" (DOWNLOAD)

Download: Centaur Noir "Be Free"

Centaur Noir's "Be Free" EP is another release in the Deep Cuts free download series. This seven song EP features a collection of earlier recordings and "Rock The Hall" outtakes. The sound on "Be Free" is raw and folky ranging at times between full band rock 'n' roll and simple stripped down haunting melodies. All instruments are played by Jon Burns except Chad Gooch playing organ on track 3 and backing vocals on track 5. Recorded and mixed by Jon Burns at Sound and Vision Studio Moline, IL. For more info on Centaur Noir check out the Centaur Noir Facebook.

Centaur Noir - Count The Hours by centaurnoir

Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Man Eats Bear "Let's All Lie Together"

Man Eats Bear come from the historic Iowa town of Sioux City. A city known for it's gruff exterior and sheer rock and roll brutality. Man Eats Bear continues the tradition of great Sioux City musicians. Their sound has a definite 90's vibe to it. Two guitar rock and roll with lots of fuzz and reverb. Steady grooves and catchy hooks make them definitely a toe tapping - head bopping type of band. Check out their full length album "Let's All Lie Together" recorded by deep cuts very own Ray Malone at Sound and Vision Studios in Moline Illinois. The album is available to download for free off of their facebook page. So go check it out! In the meantime here is a sample of one of the cuts from the release called "Smell on Wheels."

Man Eats Bear - Smell On Wheels by Deep Cuts Records

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sound Visionaries "RC Cola 2"

Sound Visionaries is a name given to the collective works of members of Sound and Vision Recording Studio. In this particular instance it is a name given to a loose based collaborative songwriting project. An initial two instrument recording was made as a backbone for the song and then a barrage of overdubs are added as the song begins to take shape. RC Cola 2 is a ten minute plus jammer of groovin' night rock for you to stream or download.

Sound Visionaries - RC Cola 2 by Deep Cuts Records

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Idpyramid Vs. Centaur Noir "Id Noir"

This collaborative album features a team up between Idpyramid's Dennis Hockaday and Centaur Noir's Jon Burns. Recorded at Sound and Vision studios in Moline this album features a variety of song writing techniques with the common thread being that one person would come up with the original idea for the song and then each person would take turns adding different instruments layering sounds until the pieces were done.

Id Noir-Reservations by Deep Cuts Records

Directly from the Artist.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Centaur Noir "Rock The Hall"

Centaur Noir is the musical brain-child of Moline native and Meth and Goats vocalist Jon Burns. "Rock The Hall," the debut album is 14 songs of folk, indie, and electronics. This album spotlights some of Centaur Noir's earlier material. They're folky songs about friendships and road trips.

"Rock The Hall" was recorded at the Quad City based recording studio Sound and Vision, a collectively ran studio in downtown Moline. Burns played and recorded most of the album with help from Ray Malone in the recording and mastering process. Malone also has guest spots on the album along with other Sound and Vision members Dennis Hockaday, Talbot Borders, and Chad Gooch.

The album is available for sale online through the Centaur Noir Myspace. Here are a couple songs to sample and a video to watch.

Centaur Noir "Rock The Hall" (Video)

Centaur Noir - Clever Disguise by centaurnoir

Centaur Noir - Only English Spoken by centaurnoir

Directly from the Artist

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Review: Lord Green "Last Demo"

Lord Green's "Last Demo" isn't the end of the bands reign as kings of Quad Cities punk rock. It is however the final chapter in a series of self released demo tapes... These eight songs of blistering punk rock show Lord Green somewhat expanding their punk palette into the realm of sludge, rock, and more metal. It's thrasy, it's loud, and you will love it. Tracks 1-5 were recorded by Ray Malone at Sound and Vision. Tracks 6-8 were recorded by Mitch Pilon at The House.

So.... whats next for Lord Green? A seven inch record? Writing songs for the full length? Going out on the road? All signs point to yes! They no doubt will be out in full force this summer thrashing basements, back porches, and skateparks alike. To see their show listing and info on other releases check in on the Lord Green Myspace.

Lord Green - Fucked In Every Direction  by  Deep Cuts Records

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Centaur Noir "Miditations"

Download: Centaur Noir "Miditations"

Centaur Noir's "Miditations" EP is a collection of midi cover songs. Jon Burns croon's his signature vocals over the top of these synthasized songs. Take a journey through more nostalgic times with covers by Prince, Madonna, Ace of Base, Blind Melon, and more...

Centaur Noir - I Would Die 4 U by Deep Cuts Records

Friday, February 5, 2010

Status Update Podcast: #14

Status Update Podcast is a new project by Ben "Benjammin Empire" Crabb. Ben is the voice and mind behind the long running KALA 88.5 FM radio show "Avant Grande" that runs on Friday nights from 8:00 - 10:00 pm and provides the Quad Cities with an eclectic mix of indie rock, funk, soul, R&B, and Hip Hop... You can stream the show live off the internet!!! at the KALA website.

Episode 14 of the Status Update Podcast features music from the Deep Cuts team all music recorded at our Sound and Vision Studio in located in downtown Moline. Go check out the Status Update Podcast page to listen to join the group and check out the awesome jams...

Here is a tracklisting for the Sound and Vision Deep Cuts:
Tracklist: Sound And Vision: The Deep Cuts - 01. Hastemaker "T.V. Faces" [0:00] 02. Chad Gooch "December Rain" [3:12] 03. Centaur Noir "Clever Disguise" [6:46] 04. Idpyramid "On The Lamb" [9:35] 05. Meth and Goats "Holy Shirt" [12:43 ]06. Sound Visionaries "One" [15:09] 07. Idpyramid vs. Centaur Noir "Your Name" [19:12] 08. Yes Future "Laid Back" [23:44]

Go Check It Out!!! Status Update Podcast

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review: Seth Knappen "Hard Feelings For Dark Times"

Seth Knappen has been a staple in the Quad City music scene for quite some time leading the band Darling and lending his guitar skills to local legends Multiple Cat and Driver Of The Year. Recorded from 2002 to 2008 "Hard Feelings For Dark Times" is Seth's second solo effort and it's a great mix of synth soul and his own signature melodic song writing style. Here is a MP3 of the first song on the record "How It Ends".

For more info on Seth Knappen follow this Link

Seth Knappen-How It Ends by Deep Cuts Records

Friday, January 15, 2010

Idpyramid "Demo"

Download: Idpyramid "Demo"

This release features a handmade demo of Idpyramid's first recordings. They were done at
the second floor loft space that predates Deepcuts current headquarters at Sound and Vision.
All the tracks except for song "Four" were done live on one track. It is a collection of the
early Idpyramid live material.

Idpyramid-Four by Deep Cuts Records