Wednesday, March 9, 2011

DCR006: Mondo Drag "Holy Spirit Sessions"

The "Holy Spirit Sessions" EP contains select tracks from the lo-fi, self-recorded/released album "Holy Spirit." As a precursor to "New Rituals", this EP captures the early stylings of Mondo Drag. Recorded Jun-Nov of 2007. You can order this EP straight from the band by following THIS LINK

In the meantime stream the song "Autumn Sun".
Autumn Sun by mondodrag

Thursday, March 3, 2011

DCR005: Centaur Noir "Let's Start A War"

Brand new material from Jon Burns' project Centaur Noir. "Let's Start A War" is an eight song E.P. of electrofolk bliss with sounds ranging from post punk, indie, folk, all the way around to pop, R&B, and hip hop. This conceptual E.P. tells tales of war with stories of corporate greed, casualties, and overseas conflicts.

Centaur Noir - All Systems Go by centaurnoir

DCR004: American Dust "AM Dust 2006-2008"

The music of American Dust lies somewhere between lofi, folk, slowcore, electronic, and trance. American Dust is a music project that revolves around the songwriting of Johnnie Cluney. The music on AM Dust is a soundtrack for an early morning, rainy afternoon, or a lonesome evening. The "band" was formed in early 2011. The "unofficial debut" AM Dust is a collection of songs written and recorded between 2006-2008. The songs were recorded from home on and off with only a handful of musicians and friends.

American Dust - Many Moons by Deep Cuts Records