Friday, September 10, 2010

Review: Man Eats Bear "Let's All Lie Together"

Man Eats Bear come from the historic Iowa town of Sioux City. A city known for it's gruff exterior and sheer rock and roll brutality. Man Eats Bear continues the tradition of great Sioux City musicians. Their sound has a definite 90's vibe to it. Two guitar rock and roll with lots of fuzz and reverb. Steady grooves and catchy hooks make them definitely a toe tapping - head bopping type of band. Check out their full length album "Let's All Lie Together" recorded by deep cuts very own Ray Malone at Sound and Vision Studios in Moline Illinois. The album is available to download for free off of their facebook page. So go check it out! In the meantime here is a sample of one of the cuts from the release called "Smell on Wheels."

Man Eats Bear - Smell On Wheels by Deep Cuts Records

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