Tuesday, November 5, 2013

DCR015: Idpyramid "Fantasy Variations I-V"

Idpyramid's "Fantasy Variations I-V" is a five song journey of synth soaked melodies and drum machines. A formidable soundtrack for your sci fi cosplay or mystical larping. Dennis Hockaday is the boy genius behind Idpyramid. This Fantasy EP details some of his solo material.

Idpyramid also performs live as a four piece band. Work is under way to write and record a full length album.

Fantasy Variations I-V was also released on cassette tape courtesy of Chicago based label Eve Vybe. Check it out here: Idpyramid on Eye Vybe

Friday, May 31, 2013

DCR014: Centaur Noir "Memoirs"

After a series of EPs and collaborative projects Centaur Noir has released a new full length album entitled "Memoirs" (a follow up to 2010's "Rock The Hall"). Memoirs was recorded over a period of more than a year, with the songs being fine tuned along with the help of Sound and Vision producer Ray Malone. The album features of slew of guest appearances including the usual suspects of Ray Malone, Dennis Hockaday, and Chad Gooch. Track five "Creatures of the Night" features the violin work of Iowa City's own Skye Carassco. Track two features some textural guitar from Mondo Drag keyboard player John Gamino. The album is a culmination of sounds ranging from hip hop verses to folked out choruses. Much more electronic than "Rock The Hall" this album shows Centaur Noir's progression into the self described sound of "Rhythm & Folk."

Friday, April 19, 2013

DCR013: Christopher Coleslaw "Buffaloma, USA"

Chris is a Wisconsin native currently residing in Chicago, but for a period of time Chris called the Quad Cities his home. Towards the end of his stay in the QC, Chris was a part of the Sound and Vision Collective in Moline, Il. While there he honed his craft of folk music, creating his own voice while calling on wisdom from the greats. He'll heal your troubled soul with the sweet sounds of his gravelly voiced lullabies. This tape is a collection of songs he recorded during his time at Sound and Vision.

Check out this video of Chris performing with Melinda Menner at Tommy's Open Mic in Moline, IL.

DCR012: "Quad Cities Friends with Benefits Vol. 1"

Friends with Benefits Vol. 1 is a compilation of 24 new and old Quad Cities bands. All proceeds go to help benefit Danielle and Matt Parise. Limited edition 100 copies to be sold exclusively at XQCHCX Reunion Benefit Show. Sunday April 28th 2013 at Eagle Reception Hall in Rock Island, IL. The comp includes: Preacher Gone To Texas, Bled For Days, King of Clubz, Straight Up!, Kings, Iron Rain, Teenage, Uphold, Meth and Goats, Tambourine, Fork Knife Spoon, The Skamakazies, XOnly Ten Between UsX, Senile Citizens, Sine Mensura, Seth Knappen, Heavyweight, Ignite The Will, Centaur Noir, Last American Virgin, Idpyramid, Provoke, Torch The Morgue, and American Dust.

DCR011: Centaur Noir "Search Party"

A brand new eight song EP from Centaur Noir. This release is a collection of some old and new stuff. Including a revamping of two older songs "Lost Angeles" and "Route 20 Blues". The closing track "Where You Been" is an epic spoken word folk tune that features some background sounds of a conversation between John Gamino, Chad Gooch, and Jake Sheley. Talking about high school. Fun stuff. Free download!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

DCR010: Centaur Noir "Recycled"

Recycled is a collection of remixes and remakes of songs from Centaur Noir's first three releases; "Rock The Hall", "Let's Start A War", and "Mate For Life." Centaur Noir makes up for a third of the remixes along with the help of songs by Idpyramid, Hastemaker, NX9, Tambourine, and Donnie Bobb. "Recycled" is available on compact disc from Deep Cuts, but also available as a free download at the Deep Cuts Bandcamp

DCR009: Centaur Noir "Surrender"

Another EP brought to you by Jon Burns under the moniker Centaur Noir. Eight songs of weirdo pop and folktronica. Released in CD form by Deep Cuts, but also available as a free download at the Deep Cuts Bandcamp