Sunday, October 16, 2011

Centaur Noir vs. Donnie Bobb "Radar Lust"

Download: Centaur Noir vs. Donnie Bobb "Radar Lust"

Deep Cuts presents another installation in their collaboration series with Centaur Noir vs. Donnie Bobb's "Radar Lust." Centaur Noir is the electronic one man band project from Meth and Goats vocalist Jon Burns. Donnie Bobb is a battle-tested veteran of the Quad Cities music scene. In the 90's he sang and played guitar in The Adaptors (the band whose other members went on to form the band Driver of The Year). After The Adaptors Donnie continued to write songs and for a time played under the name The Vow and now as a member of the up-and-coming band Break Up Art.

During the recording of Radar Lust neither Burns nor Bobb occupied the same space. Each song started with a basic idea then grew into full songs as the tracks were sent back and forth from one another. Burns would come up with a beat and/or synth part then send the tracks to Bobb who would then come up with his own additions and vice versa. For the track entitled "Tragedy" Burns took the lyrics Donnie had written for an earlier song (Animal Ballons) and transposed them to the new and more "hip hop" sounding song. Check out the videos below for the songs "Radar Lust" and "Animal Ballons" and then download the EP for free!

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